The Garfield County Auditor’s Office is charged with directing the finances for the county. This includes the preparing and tracking of budgets, recording all financial transactions and statements, and auditing departments countywide.

The Auditor’s Office also oversees taxpayer appeals for the Garfield County Board of Equalization. The process allows residents to appeal the fair market value of their home as determined by the county assessor.

Contact Info:

Camille Moore, Auditor/Clerk
Phone: 435-676-1120

Amy Dodds, Deputy Auditor/Clerk
Phone: 435-676-1163

Tiffnie Wood, Deputy Auditor/Clerk
Phone: 435-676-1110
Fax: 435-676-8239

Office Hours:

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Holidays.

Physical Address:

Garfield County Auditor’s Office/Courthouse
55 South Main Street
Panguitch, Utah 84759-0077

Mailing Address:

Garfield County Auditor
PO Box 77
Panguitch, Utah 84759-0077

Appeal to Board of Equalization

General Information:

The Garfield County Board of Equalization only considers matters related to the valuation of property for tax purposes. The Board cannot consider the amount of tax and other issues not related to the value.

The current market value of your property was determined by an experienced appraiser, as required by Utah Code 59-2-701, using appraisal techniques that are recognized as standard valuation procedures.

Only current year values can be appealed. If you have an appeal pending with the State Tax Commission for a previous year, you must still file an appeal with the Board for the current year.

Burden of Proof:

You must present facts to the Board to support your claim that the Assessor’s value on your property is incorrect. Please have proper documentation setting forth the facts supporting your request for an adjustment to the value of the subject property. Your appeal will be denied if you fail to provide the minimum evidence required by the Board.

Possible Outcomes:

The Board may raise, lower or maintain the value of your property based on the facts presented by you and the Assessor.

Form to File:

A Board of Equalization form must be completed for each property and filed in the Clerk’s Office before an appointment time with the Board of Equalization will be assigned.