The following offices may be contacted by email using the "contact" link at the left.

Assessor's Office

Elected Official: Joe Thompson
Phone: 435-676-1152

Attorney's Office

Elected Official: Barry Huntington
Phone: 435-676-1103

Building Inspector's Office

Phone: 435-676-1111

Clerk's Office

Elected Official: Camille Moore
Phone: 435-676-1100

County Commissioner's Office

Elected Officials: Leland Pollock, Clare Ramsay, and Dell LeFevre
Phone: 435-676-1162

District Court Office

Phone: 435-676-1104

Engineer's Office

Phone: 435-676-1119

Planner's Office

Phone: 435-676-1157

Recorder's Office

Elected Official: Les Barker
Phone: 435-676-1112

Sheriff's Office

Elected Official: Danny Perkins
Phone: 435-676-1139

Travel Council Office

Phone: 435-676-1102

Treasurer's Office

Elected Official: Jeannie Henrie
Phone: 435-676-1109

USU Extension Office

Phone: 435-676-1113